New Chapter in Life and Making It Work

Where to begin? I guess at the beginning. I was supposed to do this blog almost 6
years ago, but my husband, Jim DiVitale, was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and of
course I had to take a detour. With his passing in 2016, I had to manager
everything from closing his studio, to getting the house in shape to sell and
getting rid of stuff. That took another half of a year. I began packing to go back to
California. This whole process took about 2 ½ years and then here I was moving
across country as it was shutting down with the pandemic! During all this, I felt
empty and not creative at all. It was all I could do to survive.

I did have a lot of help but one voice at the end of the phone was and still is
Lynn from Main street host. She has been working with both Jim and me for years
on our web sites and marketing. She is someone I admire and appreciate even
though we have never met in person. I have been talking things out with her and
she calls each month to see how I am doing. She is very special to me. During all
of this chaos she and Mainstreet host have built a new website for me and
helped with a stronger direction for marketing my line of greeting cards.
After all is said and done, I am finally settled back in Santa Barbara and reviving
Imagery photography here.

With all that is and has been going on I have been focusing my attention on my
Line of greeting cards . You would think that hand written cards would be out of
style with digital/email cards flying through the internet, but not so. Hand written
cards show a personal touch and with a beautiful photograph on the front it says
“I care about you”. I hope when things open up and we can come together to
start teaching Photoshop, photography and how to use your own greeting cards
as a marketing tool, but that is a subject for another day.